About Bald Sport

About Bald Spot Sports

Almost Isn't Good Enough.

Of course we're concerned with something other than being the best in the industry. We love to win races, too. Drawing from a history of racing, Bald Spot Sports has been driven by a few guiding principles over the years:

  • Protect Our Drivers
  • Enhance The Racing Experience
  • Never Settle For Second Best

The Technology

It's Our Competitive Advantage.

Our ground-breaking method of producing a beaded foam seat designed to absorb impact forces before they can act on the body of a race car driver during collision can be applied to any manufacturer's seat – which is good for you, but bad for them. Using technology exclusive to Bald Spot Sports, our seats are molded from two new specialty foams, ARPRO and Creafoam. It’s enough to make our competition cry.


Impact! Racing

Impact Racing, offers the latest and most innovative safety equipment from helmets and gloves to shoes, suits and restraint systems.



JSP is a global company providing a range of remarkable plastic foam products, supported by exceptional engineering expertise and customer service.