It's Our Competitive Edge.

Interior Car #6733710B2 is More than a Patent Number, it’s our Competitive Edge

Not to mention our competition’s worst nightmare. Now, our ground-breaking method of producing a beaded foam seat designed to absorb impact forces before they can act on the body of a race car driver during collision can be applied to any manufacturer’s seat — which is good for you, but bad for them. Using technology exclusive to Bald Spot Sports, our seats are molded from two new specialty foams, ARPRO and Creafoam. It’s enough to make our competition cry. For those of you legal enthusiasts interested in the fine print, US Patent #6733710B2 includes a greater detailed outline of the following steps:

  • Placing a foam/resin filled plastic bag in the vehicle (Creafoam)
  • Having a driver/passenger enter the vehicle and sit in the foam filled plastic bag
  • Allowing the foam to form around the driver/passenger
  • Removing the driver/passenger from the vehicle
  • Causing the foam to finish hardening
  • Scanning the completed foam seat to develop a 3-D image file
  • Using the 3-D file to cut a new seat from a solid block of foam with greater elasticity using CNC machine technology (ARPRO)
  • Removing part of the seat to allow for the insertion of a single impact foam plug (Creafoam)
  • Inserting the single impact foam plug
  • Mounting a leg separator insert onto the lower part of the driver/passenger restraint

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