It's Our Competitive Edge.

Off The Inside of the Car, Into The Wall and End Over End

Our custom fit ARPRO (SFI 45.2 Certified) multi-impact racing seats absorb and reabsorb your crash energy again and again and again. The main shell of the Bald Spot Sports licensed Vehicle Passenger Restraint system is manufactured out of ARPRO expanded polypropylene, which has greater elasticity, allowing it to absorb impact and return to its initial shape with greater integrity. To allow for the insertion of stability plugs, holes are carved in the neck and back areas of the seat. These plugs are designed to offer maximum stability and force deadening during a single impact. Unlike single impact seats that lose all force absorption properties after the first impact and need to be replaced, our multi-impact seats can be reused. Simply remove, discard and replace the plugs and you’re ready to go. ARPRO offers effective impact energy management over the life of your molded product. This lower density product exhibits greater strength for multi-cycle impacts while using less material. The material's resilience offers greater design flexibility and allows intricate shapes to be molded with smoother surface textures.

  • Extremely flexible
  • Capable of absorbing shock very effectively
  • Multi-impact resistant
  • Lightweight

Our custom fit ARPRO multi-impact racing seats are currently being used by top drivers in the IRL, NASCAR and Vintage Racing. Major benefits of using the Multi-Impact seat can be seen almost immediately. By having an exact image of the driver's favorite seat, we can produce duplicate seats every time without having to tie up precious time and money. After the first seat fitting, we’ll never need the car, team, or driver to make a new seat. Simply call us and a duplicate seat will be sent.