Roll Bar Paddings

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BSS SFI 45.1 Roll Bar Pads

Impact test proven effective, highly recommended by SCCA and required by many other racing organizations. 36 inch sections available in black. Half-round C shape covers one side of tubing as large as 1.5 inch diameter. Approximately 3/4 inch thick in the center and 1/2" thick at the edges.

BSS Roll Bar Pads will not melt or drip in a fire, The padding is self extinguishing, easy to cut and shape for custom installation. Your safety is critical…use the best in roll bar padding protection only from BSS.

Note: SFI-rated foam padding is designed to prevent a helmeted head from contacting a solid object. It is very stiff and does not give except in hard impacts. It is intended to cover only one side of the bar (the side between the bar and your helmet).

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